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Can I upload or delete photos and videos to my Instagram profile?

Instagram doesn't allow 3rd party websites like Weefish.com to upload photos and videos to Instagram. The only way to do so is by using Instagram app.

I've noticed an error on the page or want to see an extra functionality on the site

You can contact us to report an error or to send us your opinions about any new functions that you want to see on the site. You can also send anything else that is on your mind and is relevant to Weefish.com, to content or to your Instagram profile. We love our users, respect their needs and are grateful to every feedback. For that we expect from you to be nice and not to be rude. Before you send us anything we kindly ask you to read our Terms Of Service.

I've found very rude content on Weefish.com like porn, racism, etc. What should I do?

You can contact us and report that page. After we receive your report we will review it and decide whether to block that page or not.