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What do we collect and what we do with the information we gather

We do not collect any photos physically nor photo links in database. Photos are shown directly from Instagram using Instagram API. Private photos are not shown because Instagram API doesn't allow access to them. If you see a photo on it is a public photo and if a user later marks it as a private on Instagram you will not be able to see that photo anymore on

We collect nothing permanently about photos from Instagram using database. Everything regarding photos (the photo itself, likes, comments, the owner) are being displayed directly from Instagram. This means that if the owner of the photo (Instagram user) changes something about the photo (makes it private or deletes it) it will instantly affect the displaying of that photo here on

We do not collect Instagram user's data such as user's photos, usernames, avatars, comments or likes.

Controlling your personal information

Visitors can sign in with Instagram account. After a user signs in, his basic personal data is being saved in our data base: Instagram username, full name, profile picture, Instagram ID. Every time user returns to website and signs in, a new data from Instagram is being fetched and updated in our database. All other users' data like photos, followers, likes, comments are not being saved but fetched directly from Instagram.

Analytics on the website uses Google Analytics to monitor traffic on the website. To see what user information Google Analytics collects please read Google Analytics privacy policy.

Social Widgets on the website uses AddThis to render social widgets like Facebook Like Button, Twitter Tweet Button, Google+1 Button, etc. To see what user information AddThis collects please read AddThis Privacy & Data Practices. To see what user infromation other social widgets collect please read: Facebook Like Button PrivacyGoogle +1 Button Privacy andTwitter Privacy.